How To Choose The VPN Thats Right For You... (Secrets Revealed)

Get yourself the best VPN possible and you’ll have a tool that helps keep you secure online, get around blocked websites, access the freshest TV shows and much more. It’s no surprise to see them growing in popularity in 2020 even more with half the world in lockdown.

An abbreviation of Virtual Private Network, a VPN service allows you to change or ‘spoof’ your IP address to a secure server. That helps to make you more anonymous online and let’s you effectively trick your laptop or mobile device into thinking it’s in another location. The best VPN options are increasingly being used by businesses and people to protect their online data in a world of digital crime.

As well as being the ideal service to help you use the internet safely and get around blocked websites, the best VPN providers will also let you access the newest films and shows in foreign Netflix catalogues, stream in safety, access geo-blocked websites and much, much more (even if they’re not much use for watching sport in distant climes, right now!).

So whatever you’re intending to use your new VPN service for, we’ll give you confidence that you’re installing the right one and avoiding any that could potentially be downright dangerous.

So, with so many VPNs out there, how do I choose the right one?

Well, for us, it comes down to two things:

Security and Features.

If your VPN is not secure, then there is almost no point relying on it to keep your information safe, and with a number of added features, your VPN can quickly become your online guardian…

That’s where TotalAV comes in….

TotalAV have protected internet users with enterprise-level technology for a long time now, and with the recent increases in online fraud, they have produced full-featured VPN with complete computer protection which is now available to the public… and they’re giving away a trial for FREE! 

The app’s full version contains a state-of-the-art VPN service, and will scan your computer for hidden malware, check the dark web to see if your information has been breached, remove all website tracking cookies, remove adware, spyware AND viruses! All of this across 3 devices of your choice.

In addition to that, TotalAV have also included built-in security against internet phishing scams and fraud websites, and there is a cool feature to control all of these security functions from your smartphone!

  • ✅ Fed up of annoying ads?  No problem! The app contains a function that lets you disable them and choose only the ads you want to see.
  • ✅ Worried about your overall security? This app will mask all of your online traffic so your personal information stays private. The additional network layer provides enhanced security, and will even change your devices IP to keep your information protected.
  • Password management causing you a headache?  Store your passwords away from hackers and other prying eyes with the secure vault provided in the app. This will make password management a dream rather than a nightmare!

With all this included in the full package, It’s no wonder people are rushing to claim a free copy of this awesome app to try out. You’ll soon realize his really is the only security product you need. 

The life-span of computers can be significantly reduced with high exposure to malicious codes and malware. This is why we would recommend all users install the full security suite to protect against unwanted system damage caused by these codes. This could not only save you time, but also money

TotalAV has long had a reputation for providing users with top-of-the-line security, and it is no surprise millions of users have already downloaded their publicly released version.

Do yourself a favour, stay ahead of cybercrime… your future self will thank you.

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